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We use a combination of new, 2nd and 3rd year American oak barrels. Sizes range from 225 liter to 265 liter barrels. We use predominantly medium plus toast with the occasional toasted head barrel. American oak is supplied and crafted by the French cooperage Nadalie out of their Napa, CA location. We source our American Oak from Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Crush, Fermentation, Aging

Our red wines are destemmed, crushed and then punched down twice daily in 1.5 ton open top fermentors until dryness. They are then pressed in a bladder press with a gentle hand to avoid overextraction. Our white wines are gently pressed as whole clusters before fermentation. We ferment and age our whites in mostly neutral American barrels for approximately eight months. Our red wines age for an average of 18 months with our Reserve Reds pushing closer to 24 months in barrel.